Like many people, fitness and an active lifestyle has always been a part of my life, playing sports as a kid and through school, joining an urban basketball league after work, playing tennis on the weekends, I even completed 2 marathons in my mid-20s, but a life event and major move derailed me and I woke up one day not even recognizing myself. NBD and the trainers at the Training Zone literally helped me get my life back. The gym became my second home and with that my second family. I learned to believe in myself again and what I was capable of doing. Kidar was instrumental in completing that transformation.  Every Sunday for over a year I met Kidar at the gym. Just one day a week was all he needed to change my attitude and my life. I lost 75 pounds and gained a supporter for life.  I'm so grateful!!



Most of my life, well over half, I was never a fitness buff. I got by – more or less – but wasn’t in the best physical condition to say the least.  It wasn’t until I went through a personal life trauma that I lost a lot of weight – albeit, not the right way at all (40 lbs in a little over a month) – that I actually realized I liked the way I looked and how my clothes fit.  Through someone bad, something positive – who would have thought!  I decided that I needed to keep it moving – since I didn’t lose it the right way, I knew it wasn’t going to stay off unless I changed me.  And I did…to the gym I go

Ever have the feeling when you see someone, you know you would like to meet them because of how you see they are when they don't think anyone is looking.  That’s me circa 2010 when I saw Kidar at the gym he worked at and I attended.  He was training Mike, who has physical limitations but a spirit of gold.  It was inspiring to watch both of them…I even shed a few tears because it was really something to see.   I told myself, that’s who I would truly love to train with – someone with heart and passion for what they do.  Believe me, you can tell the difference.

Fast forward a few years, now around 2013.  I had been on a gym “sabbatical” for a while.  I finally pulled my head out the sand and went back.  And who did I see – Kidar (aka “405”).  Admittedly, I was a little shy to speak to him – come on, just look at him!  But I finally did and asked if he would train me.  I’m confident to say that I’m incredibly driven already and really wanted to have different ideas to tone up my problem areas, rock out a 6 pack! (finally) and strengthen my back muscles (I have been in 5 car accidents and my back is “tore up from the floor up” – no meds).  We talked for a while – discussed goals, limitations (although it’s hard for me to say those) and went to work.  We met a night a few times a week and he pushed me – WOW!  There were  a few times when I met my limitation and dropped but through it all, he pushed me to move passed it.  The things I never thought I could do, he helped me to.  Not going to lie and say I didn’t feel it – I remember one night when I was doing push ups from the floor and then from 2  step, one on each side.  I thought it would tear my shoulders because they were my “in the box” push up.  I got the nickname “wing span” from that (I don’t have full rotation due to the accidents).  Every now and then, I would think about the other guy he was training and tell myself, “what’s your excuse, keep moving.”

Seeing the passion that someone has to change others to be better is amazing.  I can only say that Kidar changed my life – not just from the sled pulls and jumping and stretching and yanking and yelling!  But because it was a great time also, we laughed – and just sometimes, that makes all the difference.  If he didn’t move out of state, I would still be training with him (now I could use the extra tone up on my 6 pack!). I truly miss him, he is amazing - inside and out. 1 of a kind

- Kara

When I first started working with Kidar our relationship was anything but ordinary, because he didn’t exactly know how to personally train a young man with a disability. Throughout our personal training sessions together, we quickly figured out how to overcome certain boundaries and get the most out of the time we had together.  Over a 4 to 5 year time period Kidar helped me build my muscles up, so I could walk for my diploma at my 2013 High School Graduation. Kidar has been a very instrumental to the person I have become today, he is the only personal trainer, I’ve known,  that knows how to unlock the hidden potential of a person to get the most out of them during a workout.


Kidar is a very inspirational and positive person to work with and he knows how to get the most out of a client. I admit that some of his personal training methods may be a little out of the ordinary and his ideas are insane, but the workouts are extremely affective in the long run and it was always fun proving to him that a kid in a wheelchair can do just about anything if he’s motivated! Kidar is more than just a personal trainer to me, he helped me transform my life and personality into a never give up attitude and I truly consider him a brother and a big part of my family. I would recommend training with Kidar because he can transform your life in so many positives ways!


To the individuals who are reading this testimony. If you train with this individual trust me, he will transform your life and be the biggest inspiration to everyone he works with!